7 Affirmations for Positive Aging

Refined by Age


Many of us do it unconsciously. We aren’t mindful when we put our car keys down because something else has our attention. Then when we want to run an errand, we can’t find our keys. The critical inner voice says, “You’re getting old and forgetful.”

STOP! Rewind. Reboot. Reset. Rethink.

What we should be saying to ourselves is, “My attention was focused on the dog (e.g.) when I came home, and I put my keys down without making a mental note of where I placed them. Let me back track to where I could have placed them.”

Positive affirmations about ourselves and our aging process are very important to our overall health and wellness. Why? Research by Becca Levy proves that having a positive outlook on aging can add 7.5 years to one’s life. Here are seven affirmations for positive aging you can practice to replace the negative and live longer in the process (remember practice…

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