snow poles

I have worked in the aging field for 29 years, serving on initiatives at the national and international levels. This blog was developed for two reasons: 1) as an outreach project inspired by my church during a Micah 6:8 Project encouraging us to help others, and 2) as one of my champion activities for the International Council on Active Aging’s® (ICAA) Changing the Way We Age® Campaign.  I want to help people become Refined by Age™ by encouraging them to age intentionally through developing the Seven Dimensions of Wellness in their lives: spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, social/cultural, environmental and vocational. Visit my LinkedIn profile for more information.


  1. Beth

    Beautiful!!! Thank you! I am just 52 and want to age well. Seen some older people that walk this out in there 70s. And I want that. So, gonna start now!!!


    • We can’t expect to kick back in a rocking chair and age well. Aging well is an intentional journey based on the lifestyle choices we make along the way. Best of luck to you, Beth, on your personal journey to become Refined by Age. Kathy


  2. Beth

    Oh, do you have a Facebook page?


    • Yes. Please like it on the sidebar of any page.


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