Always There

sun horizon

The sun, just like the horizon, are always there; even when obstructed by the clouds or objects that loom so close to us that they obscure their view.

We need the warmth of the sun to help us stay positive and live a well-lived life. We need the depth of the horizon to pull us forward into deeper experience and to grow into our wholeness.

We humans can all too easily forget the fact that even though we can’t always see them, that they are always there. Even in this modern-day world with all we know, if it’s cloudy for too long, we can forget the sun is there. If we are being pressed in upon by challenges in our lives, we can forget the horizon and our dreams exist.

We can then fall prey to believing that reality is only the big monstrosities of life that obscure both our positive “sunny” state of mind and future dreams out on the horizon. We can’t see past them to the day the sun will shine and the horizon of our dreams comes into view again.

When we become blind to their existence; that’s when we need patience. That’s when we need someone to remind us. That’s when we need the conviction of faith.

The sun will come out again. The horizon will once again appear. Hold on, dear friend. It may be dark and life may be pressing in upon you. But I tell you as surely as night follows day that these things will return.

As long as you are alive, there is always hope in their return. Hold on to your hope. Let yourself be “Refined by Age.”



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