Personal Experiences of Transformation and Resiliency Wanted

I write about the Seven Dimensions of Wellness and how important they are to overall wellness. I often share experiences from my personal life and how one or more of the dimensions have brought me back from the brink of a deep sinkhole that opened up in my life..

I would like to share your inspiration and hope with people around the world who are looking for examples of how others have used the Seven Dimensions of Wellness to restore balance to their lives.

Just to refresh your memory, the Seven Dimensions are:

  • social/cultural,
  • intellectual,
  • environmental,
  • emotional,
  • physical,
  • vocational, and
  • spiritual.

I welcome your email at with your experience written in 350 words or less. In the subject of the email write, “Seven Dimensions Experience.” Include this line at the bottom (feel free to copy and paste), “‘Refined by Age’™ has my permission to use all or parts of this email. I understand that sharing my experience is completely voluntary and without compensation. I release “Refined by Age”™ to use the contents of this email in any form of media (blogs, print, etc.) at their discretion.” Let me know if I can use your first name or if you prefer to remain totally anonymous. Then digitally sign your name.

Let your experience of how to apply the Seven Dimensions of Wellness in real life situations be an inspiration and light in the world. We often unconsciously use the Seven Dimensions to bring wellness and restore balance in our lives. Imagine the impact we can have by becoming intentional about using the Seven Dimensions of Wellness and sharing personal experiences with others!

Someone is desperately seeking the lifeline of your experience to show them how to use the Seven Dimensions of Wellness to restore them to health. Your experience just might be the one they are desperately needing to hear in order to restore the balance in their life.

I would love to be your channel to reach someone who is in need of the hope your experience can bring to them. Together we can become a force for good to help others become “Refined by Age”™ instead of defined by age by releasing the power of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.

The “Refined by Age”™ movement has touched thousands of people’s lives in over 68 countries, and is making a difference in changing the world, one person at a time. Our momentum in promoting this cultural change has brought “Refined by Age”™ to a place in which to expand our impact even further.

My husband, Tim, and I who both have careers in aging and human services are developing another medium to bring the cause of “Refined by Age”™ to more people. We are co-authoring a book on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, some of which may share your inspirational experiences/wisdom expressed in your emails and/or comments. Without a doubt, your process of refinement will reach a person that needs to hear its message.

I look forward to hearing from you, my friends.


Kathy Sporre, Founder
“Refined by Age”™

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