Ageism Series to Start in 2019

Greetings Refined by Agers,

I hope you are still with me after my hiatus from writing. I am excited to let you know that beginning in January 2019 I will be posting a series of nine articles I’ve written on ageism. This form of discrimination is simply not going to go away of its own accord. It is alive and well, and flourishing as I write this. I have continued to educate myself on this important topic during my absence from my blog and look forward to bringing you my latest insights on ageism in the New Year.

Blessings and good health,



  1. Sandra Imperatore

    Love this!


  2. I’m looking forward to reading your series! I’m very passionate about ageism and it’s SUCH an important (albeit underdiscussed) topic.


  3. Bette Dewing

    so desperately needed  especially against the old/ old  – do you know I’ve written etctera againstand about ageism since the mid 70’s ? starting when NOW had an older women’s committee  etctera etcetra.  my general interest column has aired in our town since 1977 -first  weekly and then bi-weekly since 2003   and am struggling right now to do  the column  Help! every good wish to you Kate from Bette (Dewing)-


    • So good to hear from you again, Bette. Yes, I know you have been speaking out about ageism for a long time, and I commend you for that and your early insight on this pervasive form of discrimination. It has been a long road for early-adopters. I am glad to be your partner in the fight against ageism. I look forward to hearing your comments on the articles. My best to you, Bette.


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