Life as a Breath



The other day I was contemplating the idea that breath is but a microcosm of life. We inhale. We exhale. That is one breath.

One breath contains expansion as we inhale and contraction as we exhale; just as one life does.

Life in expansion contains: aging, intellectual and spiritual growth, physical and mental wellness, coming to terms with our mortality, maturing acceptance, establishment of values, intuitive understanding, our lineage forward through the ages, career advancement, financial security, perhaps even death as it unfolds  in all its mystery. Life in expansion is, in essence, the enhancement and growth of the seven dimensions of wellness.

Life in contraction is like the birth pains of a mother. It contains: trials, tribulations, losses, illnesses, sins, mistakes, accidents and so much more. These contractions in life are directly connected to the expansion we experience through the growth they impart. They lead to the cleansing and detoxification of our spirits.

We may hold our breath for but a short time before life inextricably demands we exhale to inhale once more.

We must learn to embrace the breath of life; both the contractions and expansions – the inhales and exhales. For they are part of the whole. Without one the other could not exist.

When your final breath comes, may your spirit be released on the inhale as your body lets go on the exhale. And until you draw that last breath, may you become Refined by Age.™

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