Aging is No Time to Recline



  1. Kathy, I’m enjoying all your “signage” or posters!! Warmly, Maria Siciliano

    • Thanks, Maria. My wish for everyone is that they may become refined by age. Best, Kathy

  2. Kathy, Please please keep bangng the drum for affordable dental care ! Get your fans to join this so very needed reform- and protest any false teeth jokes etc.And searchBette Dewing for very long time column which dare not be too much abour elders as the paper quite naturally seeks younger readers.But over the years i’ve written so verymuch agaeism andalso age apartheid and have an avalanche of related material which nobody seem to want to use..

    Many thanks and keep going strongly)

    • Bette, How very nice to hear from you. You are so very right to be concerned about affordable dental care as oral health is shown to have systemic effects on our bodies. Thank your for reminding us of this crucial health care issue. I wish you strength in delivering your message. You have been an ambassador for many social causes for justice. My best to you always. Warmly, Kathy

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