The Choice is Yours



  1. Reblogged this on Big Red Carpet Nursing and commented:
    It’s true. You can make yourself over tyime, or just let yourself happen.
    Which do you imagine produces superior results?
    Which path would you guuess most people take?
    What about you?

    • Thanks for spreading the word on positive aging with me, Greg. It’s a personal choice we all make; consciously or not. Let’s all make a conscious choice to age well! Best, Kathy

      • Thanks to you for your great work. I’m aging, of course, roughly 24 hours each day, and I also work in Geriatrics.

  2. cecilianbiz

    I just turned 50 and people have told me to act like 50!!! I am 18 by heart, 50 does not mean I have to turn off! Best to you all (old!!), Cecilia!

    • Cecilia, Just remember there is no age to the human spirit. Be whoever you are and enjoy it! Kathy

      • cecilianbiz

        Thanks Kathy! How does a 50 year old act or behave? 🙂 Some teens act and react, I would say, like 100 years old! jeje Thanks

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