Championing a Cause

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In my last blog I talked about how important it is to join a cause to become more of an activist in something one has passion about and believes in. In 2011, I did just that. Since then, I have been a Champion of the International Council on Active Aging’s® Changing the Way We Age® Campaign to help shift society’s perceptions of aging by overturning negative stereotypes and encouraging more positive realistic views on aging. The possibilities of how I can do that seem endless.

I have given presentations, planned programs at our senior center, written several successful  grant proposals: one to purchase and distribute books on ageism in healthcare to our local healthcare professionals, one to create a mural on the seven dimensions of wellness on the exterior of our senior center in combination with another to direct this fun video project.

I hope you enjoy and find enlightening the video I directed as one of my champion projects: Watch Champion Video.


AGEISM: Prejudice or discrimination against a particular age-group and especially the elderly.


  1. LOVE IT… spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual, social, environmental, vocational and cultural… KEEP THE INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS COMING 😉


    • Terry, Thanks for tuning in to my blog and taking the time to respond. I so appreciate hearing from those who read the blog. Kathy


  2. Kathy,it is alway good to read what you give us,thank you.


    • Gregory, Thank you for the nice compliment. I hope to inspire and help people change the way they age for the better. One day I’ll have to write about older adults and the importance of oral health. Kathy


  3. You are MY Champion. Thanks for your inspirations.


    • We’re in this together, Malia. If I inspire you to “act,” all the better for everyone who is aging. I think you will take things to the next level through the webinar you are planning. Let’s keep lifting eachother up, up, up! Best of luck. Kathy


  4. Isaiah Chng

    Wonderful!! Love your enthusiasm and passion for active ageing and work to redefine ageing. Keep pressing on! Bless you Kathy!


    • How nice to hear from you, Isaiah. Thanks for the positive comment on the video. It was a new, fun project that stretched my wings even further. Blessings to you! Kathy


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