Have you ever thought about being a “boomerpreneur”?

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I had never heard the word “boomerpreneur” until I read this great article by Stacey Stein that covers the entrepreneurs life before, what he/she did, why he/she took the leap, on success, the biggest challenge, the greatest reward and words of wisdom for boomers considering starting their own businesses; hence the name boomerpreneur. I wonder how many people who have worked for one organization for the majority of their career have a dream that’s been taking shape over the years regarding building a business of their own? Perhaps it’s linked to what they’ve been doing or something entirely different. Regardless, I think it’s a great risk management tool these days with the potential for layoffs that can happen to the most seasoned career professional. It’s something we can fall back on; something of our own we can create and be responsible for; something that holds the potential that our current job could never provide.

If you’ve ever considered becoming an entrepreneur, I believe you will enjoy this in-depth article that covers three individuals and one couple’s jump into entrepreneurship. A jump that made their dreams come true.

Four boomers on why they chose second careers as entrepreneurs


Special to The Globe and Mail

As baby boomers in Canada leave the rat race, they’re increasingly shunning any notions of a retirement filled with blissfully commitment-free, leisurely days. Instead, many are trading in long-term vacation rentals, lazy mornings and general loafing for gruelling work days, mounds of paperwork and financial uncertainty as they jump into entrepreneurship in ever-growing numbers.

Read the entire article.

VOCATIONAL WELLNESS – Working keeps us engaged and growing. If you’re not working, volunteer to help others, get involved in an avocation.

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