Quest of the Trees

Author’s Note: The winter of 2013 has been a long, drawn out affair for those of us who live in the Midwest. As we face more snow tomorrow (April 17), I would like to dedicate this poem to all the hardy people who endure nature at her harshest and also carry the “quest” within their hearts.

by Kathy Sporre

Tree Lined Rural Road

Soldiers of the realm of Spring

Hearken to their kindly king,

Take armor of jade to breast

Upon their leader’s warm request.

Standing guard the summer long

They wait to hear the trumpets song

Upon the southbound flocks in flight,

“Make ready for the coming fight!”

White Birch in Front of Maple Trees

Retreating from the force of fall

Trumpeters relay their call

Stately guards remain at post

In colorful array, to boast.

Flying birds

Infantries of ice display

A stronger force than they can stay.

Surrounded now, the battle lost

They surrender to the chilling frost,

Cast their armor to the ground,

And bare their bodies to the sound

Of winter’s cold-hearted command,

Frozen – to the spot – they stand.

trees winter

Encompassed by legions of snow

And winter-warrior winds that blow,

They proudly hold their heads up high

Into the February sky,

A timeless secret in their hearts:

This winter lord will soon depart.


A warmer sun engulfs the sky

A distant trumpet faintly cries,

Springtime king returns at last,

Winter lord’s domain is outcast.

Melting ‘neath the warming sun,

Into the rivers swiftly runs

Cold-hearted king who’s been out-shined

Leaving his prisoners behind.

Cascades on a Frozen River

Upon the land they sought to hold

Armies of the Spring stand bold,

To welcome back life-giving king

And trumpeters upon the wing.

Amidst his wind his servants bow,

New armor the king endows

Upon his steadfast knight’s bare breasts

Who faithfully fulfilled their quest:


To hold the kingdom on his leave,

And always in their hearts believe

Their golden king will once again

Give life to trees and warmth to men.

ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS – Go green! Include nature in your life: get a pet, plant a garden, visit local parks and walking trails, and make sure that the indoor environment you live and work in is healthy.

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