Let the Weak Be Made Strong


PHYSICAL WELLNESS – Stay active! As little as 10 minutes of physical activity, three times a day, five days a week meets the guidelines.

ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS – Go green! Include nature in your life: get a pet, plant a garden, visit local parks and walking trails, and make sure that the indoor environment you live and work in is healthy.

SPIRITUAL WELLNESS – Connect with your spirit! Use ways that are meaningful to you: whether that’s through your place of worship, prayer, or meditation.

I used to live across a gravel road from a paved bike trail for a few years around the turn of the century (2000 that is). It was convenient to hop on my bicycle, or put on my roller blades, or simply walk the trail with my yellow lab, Bear. The 14-foot wide, 55 mile long trail built on an old railroad track was just paved when I lived there. The surface was smooth and made for great rolling or walking exercise.

The portion of the trail I lived on was the most beautiful part because it wound through the Dalton hills area. There were surprises and encounters around every bend: deer, lady slippers (our state flower), lakes, ponds, turtles laying eggs, scarlet tanagers, bald eagles and fields of mostly corn or soybeans.

What most inspired me on these outings was the way the tender sprouts of a variety of plants made their way through the darkness of the soil and pavement to reach for  the sun. These were small, tender sprouts that could be broken with a careless kick of the foot or easily picked by hand.

Still, the journey of these tender shoots was not impeded by the seemingly impenetrable surface of the pavement on their journey forth into the sunlight. To me it remains a remarkable thing – analogous to the story of David and Goliath.

Things like this reinforce my faith in God. For it must be necessary for a power greater than this tiny seedling is capable of to facilitate its upward journey. It simply seems impossible for the tiny tendril, of its own accord, to heave aside the heavy pavement.  I’m sure if the small sprout could speak it would tell us that its journey was made possible through a power far surpassing its own; that a power outside of itself enabled it to burst forth from the dark pavement on the trail.

It’s necessary for me to be mindful of these tender sprouts when faced with obstacles in my life; and especially when these obstacles are overcome. I need the power of God’s strength in my life, and to be mindful to give thanks for it when received. For I have faced the “pavement” of life many times as I have been Refined by Age.™ I know I will encounter more of life’s pavement until the end of my days. Let me always remember that it is through my weaknesses that God’s strength is apparent in my life.

In the end, I believe I am responsible for the effort I put into my life, just like David stepped forward to take on the giant Goliath with his slingshot. The outcome, however, lies entirely in God’s hands.


  1. bonnie

    I felt as thou I was w/ you on the “ride”.I wached my plant slowly unfold a new shoot.We grow into the light..=the light of our truth…”this lil light, Im gonna let it shine”!! refined by age indeed.Thankyou Kathy for sharing.


    • Keep shining, Bonnie, from the light that lives within you.


  2. I am going to make a comment on this one post but it is in contrast to all post written to date, There are many things that people can do to stay well in all activities, in each of your points of interest, but to put it point blunt you have said it in plain context. Follow your paths but always allow God to guide you in your daily activities and adventures.


    • I like this verse and think it compliments the post: Proverbs 3:6
      “In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.”


  3. Excellent verse to live by, I have heard it before and thank you for the reminder. Now I know what Where to find it again.


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