Is Your Home or Office Hurting You?


ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS – Go green! Include nature in your life: get a pet, plant a garden, visit local parks and walking trails, and make sure that the indoor environment you live and work in is healthy.

Imagine…lounging around your home, relaxing on a bright day with the sun streaming through the windows just lighting up your world. Then you see them! Hundreds, thousands, perhaps millions of tiny little particles of varied shapes and sizes; some floating while others seem to fall to the floor. What are these tiny particles that fill the air of your seemingly “clean” home that aren’t as apparent in the normal light of the room?

Could it be indoor air pollution?

People have become very aware of pollution in the outdoor environment surrounding us. As petroleum products catapulted the world into the future, the pollution caused by the corresponding use of the automobile and other industry-created pollution has been termed “smog.” Smog clogs the outdoor air, especially in our urban areas, and it’s not uncommon to see or hear air pollution levels quoted along with the weather report these days.

How many people give much thought to the quality of the indoor environment they live and work in? I know asbestos and the linked disease of mesothelioma woke us all up from our slumbering lack of concern for the importance of what’s in our indoor environment. However, there is need for continued concern for other substances in addition to asbestos. Have you ever cleaned out your vents throughout the house or office to see the black residue that is flushed out of them? It makes one wonder what’s in the air we breath every time the furnace or air-conditioner kicks in.

I’ve noticed lately as I’ve been refined by age™ that I don’t see the dust as well as I used to; especially on lighter colored objects in my home. (That’s not selective vision, either.) I’ve been through time periods following surgeries and such when my body simply can’t withstand the rigors of the deep cleaning I was accustomed to doing in my home. I now realize the level of pollution indoors rises during these downs times of rehabilitation. It is during these times of recovery when the indoor environment is especially crucial to healing well.

One of my Linkedin acquaintances, Gregory R. Hunter, owner and CEO of Hunter Cleaning Services,  has produced some excellent videos on the pollution that can be found in the indoor environment. Gregory pioneered intensive home cleaning and home environmental medicine as a means to over-all wellness and health recovery support. His educational videos can be found at: Scene 1 Scene 2 Scene 3 Scene 4

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